Product Details

65cm Medium Weighted Stability Ball


Key Features

  • Medium weight for added resistance
  • High-quality, durable material
  • Anti-burst design for safety
  • Supports a wide range of workouts
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to inflate and maintain


Versatile and Durable Stability Ball

Introducing the 65cm Medium Weighted Stability Ball, designed to enhance your workout routine with added resistance and stability. This high-quality stability ball is crafted to withstand rigorous use while providing the support needed for various exercises. The medium weight adds an extra layer of resistance, making your workouts more challenging and effective.

Medium Weight for Added Resistance

The medium weight of this stability ball provides additional resistance, helping to intensify your workouts and improve strength and endurance. It’s perfect for users looking to add an extra challenge to their fitness routine. The 65cm size is ideal for a variety of exercises and is suitable for users of different heights.

Anti-Burst Design for Safety

Safety is a top priority, and this stability ball is built with an anti-burst design to prevent sudden deflation. This feature ensures a secure and stable surface for your workouts, allowing you to focus on your fitness goals with confidence. The durable material ensures longevity and resilience, making it a reliable addition to your fitness gear.

Supports a Wide Range of Workouts

This stability ball is ideal for a variety of exercises, including core strengthening, balance training, flexibility exercises, and more. Its versatility makes it an excellent tool for enhancing your overall fitness routine. Whether you’re practicing yoga, Pilates, or engaging in general fitness activities, this ball supports a wide range of workouts.

Lightweight and Portable

Despite its added weight, the 65cm Medium Weighted Stability Ball is lightweight and easy to transport. Whether you’re taking it to the gym, or yoga studio, or using it at home, its portability ensures you can maintain your fitness routine wherever you go. It’s also easy to inflate and deflate, making storage and setup a breeze.

Easy to Inflate and Maintain

This stability ball is designed for easy inflation and maintenance. It comes with a convenient pump, allowing you to quickly and efficiently inflate it to the desired firmness. The durable material is easy to clean, ensuring your stability ball stays fresh and hygienic after each use.

Perfect for All Fitness Levels

Suitable for all fitness levels, the 65cm Medium Weighted Stability Ball is an excellent addition to any workout regimen. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced fitness enthusiast, this ball provides the support and versatility needed to enhance your exercises and achieve your fitness goals.

Elevate your workouts with the 65cm Medium Weighted Stability Ball. Enjoy the benefits of its added resistance, durable material, and anti-burst design, making it an essential tool for your fitness journey. Enhance your strength, balance, and flexibility with this high-quality stability ball.